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This list is not yet complete.  We are compiling information from many sources, much of which has to be manually converted into an electronic format.  By publishing what we have so far, we wish only to share the information we have as fast as possible - we do not mean to slight any POW not listed yet or his sacrifice. 

If you know of a POW not listed yet, please send the information to info@mukdenpows.org and we will get it added ASAP.

To make the data display more quickly, letters of the alphabet have been grouped on separate pages. Click letters below to jump to last names starting with those letters.

If you know a POW's number, but not his name, click on the List by POW Number link, find his name, then look in the alphabetical listing for his name to see if we have more information.

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POWs by Branch of Service


We are compiling our POW lists according to the following:

Roger Mansell has generously given us permission to use his well researched list of POWs.

Michael Hurst provided info on the original 100 British forces that came to Mukden. Of these 16 were from Australia and the rest from Britain.

Names of additional men were obtained from the book by Petak.

The POW group from New Mexico has given us corrected information on the men who served in the 200th and 515 th  CA

A copy from the US National Archives of the Japanese Roster of POWs held at the Mukden (Hoten) POW camp in Manchuria.

Any additional information gleaned from the files at National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) which come from the American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (ADBC), the group representing all men held by Japan in Asia.

Interviews with POWs and questions asked of the families of deceased POWs.

Books written by the POWs.

Despite our best efforts, there are certain to be errors. We would appreciate any corrections you can help us with.

We are putting up the POWs by the letter of the alphabet as soon as we have checked all our sources. If the format starts off with the name of the POW and the place where they enlisted, then we have worked through all our resources on it. If it starts with the name of the POW followed by       , then it has not been as carefully checked.

Either way, we appreciate additional information and corrections.

We have had to limit the information presented to what we hoped would help people researching a specific individual. However, we would love to have a story about any of the men, similar to the ones on the website. These stories will be put on the website and added to the collection at the museum.

Thank You!

Many people have helped with the formation and organization of MPOWRS and the MPOWRS website.  Listed below are some we especially want to thank.

Roger Mansell has generously allowed us to make free use of  his well researched and documented list of POWs held at Mukden.  The originals can be found on his web site, Allied POWS Under the Japanese.

Michael Hurst MBE - Taiwan (Formosa)– Offered invaluable advice on artwork, trip planning, corrections, and historical data.  We also appreciate is sharing his update of a list of the original British and Australian men held at Mukden. In addition to discovering and documenting the POW camps in Taiwan, he is active in FEPOW. Website: Never Forgotten.

J. Chen - Taiwan - design of logo and creation of our membership pins.

Jim Opolony has been most generous with help sorting out the men in the 192 and 194 Tank Battalions. He has worked for a decade with his Proviso East HS students to create a wonderful website (Bataan Project) with well researched information and primary source interviews.

Sheldon Zimbler - NY – Shelly has offered corrections and additional information as well as sharing stories from his many interviews with the Mukden POWs. He is the author of Undaunted Valor, a book about the Mukden years.

Special thanks to former POWs Leslie Brown #583, who donated a very hard to find copy of the roster part of the book Malcolm Fortier created and only gave to the men who had shared POW camps with him and Ernest Montoya #886 who donated a scanned copy of the Mukden Roster from NARA wit translations of the Japanese notations. 

And of course, endless thanks to the others who have given us information about your POW or yourself, or helped us straighten out some part of this mass of information.